Cash-and-carry wholesale traders have become a fixed value in our cities. With high prices and high flexibility, they attract a diverse audience. They do not handle a minimum decrease, so you can decide in which quantities you want to buy. A wide assortment linked to a large stock ensures that everything is always available. In addition, a visit offers the opportunity to see all products, novelties and promotions close by.

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You visit a cash and carry wholesale trade, choose your products, calculate cash at the checkout and walk outside. Literally: cash & carry. Suppose it's Friday night and everything indicates that Marlboro's stock will not survive the weekend. Fixed-order bids do not make sense, because the products will not arrive in the store in time to satisfy customers' flow on Saturday. Maybe you can go for a cash and carry store in the neighborhood ...


The customer base of these wholesalers is at least a variety of. A lot of night, neighborhood and newsagents are provided through this channel, but also service stations, independent supermarkets, catering businesses and sports clubs are part of the customer base. "The biggest group of customers who buy on a regular basis are the night shoppers," says Andy Van Holderbeke of Cash-A-Blancke in Mariakerke.  They buy a lot of their tobacco through this channel. "In addition, we also get business managers from newsagents and gas stations across the floor. Many shopkeepers are deploying here, but we also have a lot of customers who buy the majority of their products. "

Additional offer

At Maconal Food, located in the Brussels Early Market, one focuses mainly on grocery stores and night shops. "In addition, we have other customers such as independent supermarkets, daily newspaper shops and gas stations," says Johan Goossens, managing director. "Those are customers who order 70 to 80% of their assortment from their regular supplier, and the rest of their goods are purchased from us. Specific products they do not find anywhere else, or a supplement to their stock at shortages.

Customers are coming from...

Maconal Food enjoys visitors coming from all corners of the country to the Brussels Early Market. "They first make their other purchases on the Early Market. When we open at 4.30 pm, they are at the door, "says Goossens. At Cash-A-Blancke the clientele continues to expand. "Customers are getting on," says Gerry Rogiers. "It always starts with a few visits. Then comes the question whether it would not be possible to deliver too. "


Although Cash-A-Blancke continues to focus on the cash-and-carry concept, a few years ago, deliveries began again. "That was initially limited to the Ghent region," says Andy Van Holderbeke. "Then it was expanded to East and West Flanders and also the border region with France, which we now almost leave in Bergen."

Cash-and-carry extension

"Our deliveries are different than traditional and traditional wholesalers," he continues. Here you can order in the morning and will be delivered in the afternoon. In the past, the customer called for an order in the morning, which was then picked up in the afternoon. Now we often deliver ourselves. That way we are unique in the market. If a customer calls on our Monday morning with an order, our driver can already bring in the afternoon. There are few wholesalers who can. "


Both wholesalers have a wide range of smokers, beverages and candy. At Maconal Food we also concentrate on general food and frozen foods, which has wholesale and wide choice. "As regards frozen food and ice cream, we have a wide range of references," explains Johan Goossens.

Purchases of smokers are spread

"We note the last thing that the volume of tobacco per store point really decreases," says Andy Van Holderbeke. "Even in terms of sales per shop, we see a decline, while the prices of tobacco products have only increased in recent years. As smoking products are becoming more expensive and many newsstands do not make it easy, many of our customers prefer multiple small purchases of tobacco a week. "Maconal Food also notes this evolution. "Traders have less liquidity available and therefore need to shorter on the ball," said Johan Goossens. "They want less stock, and that can only be bought in more often. We not only notice this with tobacco, but also with other products. "

Sales of spirits clenched

Due to the sharp increase in excise duties on spirits, the importance of these products has decreased significantly. "We do not sell any more liquor anymore," laughs Gerry Rogiers. "No, we're still selling it, but turnover does not matter much more."


With the cash-and-carry wholesale traders, no minimum is required.  "At the same time I had another newspaper broker on the line," says Johan Goossens. "He wanted to buy some pots of tobacco, but his regular supplier only supplies five pieces. Here he can buy one per piece. "At Cash-A-Blancke we hear the same story. "Obviously, minimum delivery is required for deliveries," explains Andy Van Holderbeke. "For some drinks and candy, a few hundred euros are sufficient, but for smokers it's worth at least 1000 euros."


"Even customers who are delivered will come along with us from time to time," says Van Holderbeke. "A visit remains the best way to see the novelties and to be aware of all promotions." "The customer can also view the state of the products themselves," said Johan Goossens. "For example, the shelf-life date can be checked, but not unimportant in fresh produce such as yoghurt for example."


"Of course we apply sharp prices," said Johan Goossens. "Smokers are often even sharper prices than other wholesalers, which gives the merchant a larger margin." The cash and carry wholesalers operate at net prices and not with percentage discounts. Many of our customers want to know exactly what is going on, "explains Gerry Rogiers. "Mostly out of date retailers are very price conscious and often visit multiple wholesalers and stores to compare prices."


Both wholesalers pick up their large stock as an important plus."Smoke manufacturers have expanded their range so that most wholesalers do not have a large stock of all references," says Andy Van Holderbeke. "The large number of variants also regulates production problems. It often happens that a particular product is out of stock for a week. We are always trying to catch up with our large stock.Due to our specialization in border sales, we also have many brands in your home that you find difficult.

Andy & Gerry from Cash A Blancke


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